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The Ehinger's Victory Party: You're Invited!!

The Ehinger's invite you* to their 4th annual 'Victory Party' on October 31st. It is not a Halloween celebration but rather an 'opposite of Halloween day' celebration. It is the Ehinger's attempt to be a light to their community.

The even will start a 5 PM on October 31st. We will serve nachos, beans and hot chocolate to guests and to those passing by. We will also be having a warming fire and watching a movie in our front yard. We plan to show "I Can Only Imagine" the new movie about the making of the song by the same title. This event has always been fun and we think it has blessed our community in some ways. We never know what will happen or who will show up, it has been different every year. The movie starts at dark because we use a projector. We normally wrap up around 10 PM and then clean up from the night. You are welcome to show up right at 5 or if you want to help set up a little earlier if you want to help set up. You can also show up later if that works best for you. We do not dress up but if you happen to be dressed up from another event you are a part of you are still welcome to join us. What to bring: -chair if you can (we set out extra and if you can't bring one we will likely have plenty but if others showed unexpectedly more chairs are better than not enough)

-Drink you like (We usually have something to share but we have run out in the past so extra is good too) -Warm jacket and blanket (Some years they are not needed but some years it was very cold, best to be prepared)

-A heart to love our neighbors Want to know more about why, we, the Ehingers put on this event? Here is an except from a post I did on our thoughts: "As I thought about this I remembered the way I felt about sitting home with the lights off. As a kid I hated this. I wanted to look and see and be a part of what was going on. As an adult I felt that all the ways I had seen other people solve the issue was either dumb or a compromise. As a Christian I have no reason to run and hide and lock myself in a house. I also didn’t feel like I had to compromise to fit in with what the world was doing. I didn’t know what to do but I wanted to punch Halloween in the nose while not hurting those that keep it in a negative way(truth in love), give my family and friends a place to celebrate and make the world envious of the freedom, light and warmth we have in Christ. We are the light of the world and why shouldn’t we stand out on this dark holy day.

This is the banner we put out front of our gathering.

I started with what Halloween was about to the common person and decided to refrain from those things and even cripple those things where I could. Halloween is about darkness, scariness, dressing up and going door to door to get candy from strangers. My plan was to make my house as bright as possible and light up the darkness. We decided not to dress up at all this day because we wanted to be set apart. I have a nice warm fire to encourage people to stay, gather and warm up rather than grab and go. We serve a meal and some snacks with hot chocolate and whipped cream something filling and something that cant just be shoved into a bag. We having a gathering and we have lots of extra chairs for people to sit and join us. The last two years we have shown a movie that has a gospel theme. (Courageous, War Room) We have some Living Waters gospel tracts that have an illusion so we can engage those as they come up to....." READ MORE HERE>> *As a school group that serves the body of Christ, Calvary Christian School (CCS) knows that there are many different views and convictions about what holidays each family takes part in. We do not intend to take a position on holidays but let each family follow their own convictions. As long as holiday gatherings of CCS families are in line with the behaviors expected of Christians and do not violate the Statement of Faith we will share them on the CCS blog and website as elective events for our families to take part in.

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