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Sports Day - Soccer: Week 5

Calvary Christian School scored another sports day soccer PE class November 3rd. If you missed it and want to join this post is for you. I will be posting what we worked on each week and post the "homework" that was suggested. Week 4 started with the basics. We did a warm up jog, stretched and did some agility and strengthening drills. Then we did some soccer warm-ups, played "Get to the Base" and worked on moving controlling and passing. After that we played "King of the Court" then two soccer games for the rest of the time. We talked about not complaining and working hard to win. My team lost but we learned a lot about ourselves and gave it our best effort. If you want to catch up on what all we learned here is a list of vocabulary and skills we focused on:


Trap: To get control of a ball that is kicked to you. (1)

Dribble: To control and move the ball with small touches as you move around.(1)

Step Over: Stepping over the ball with one foot then kicking the ball the other direction to trick the defender. (2)

Half-Volley: Kicking the ball in the air after it has bounced. (Used to score a goal.) (3)

Volley: To kick the ball before it hits the ground. (4)

Corner Kick: The restart a play when the ball goes out of bounds, the attacking team kicks it inbound from the nearest corner. (4)

Throw-in: A technique for restarting the game when the ball crosses the sideline and goes out of bounds; a select player throws the ball back inbounds from overhead and from behind the sideline using both hands. (4)

Drop Kick: The goalkeeper drops and then kicks the ball after it bounces off the ground. (5)

Handball: A player fouls by touching the ball.(5) Tackling: Use of the feet or shoulder in an attempt to get the ball away from the carrier.(5)


Using the inside of your foot to dribble and pass the ball. (1)

Dribbling the ball while running and passing it to another player. Just run in a straight line parallel with another person and kick back and fourth about every 2 meters. We used cones but that is optional. (1)

Two ways to control the ball when kicked to you. 1) Trap the ball by using the underside/sole of your foot. 2) Cushion the ball softly with the inside of your foot. We just kicked to each other and tried both ways of stopping the ball. (1)

Stepovers standing in one place. (2)

Half-Volley, kick the ball in the air after it has bounced. (3)

Move, trap, control and pass. (4) Defending: (5)

This week it was just a few of us so we all practiced together. Our ages ranged from 2 years old to 40 years old. We all learned something and had a great time. If you missed this week and want to catch up with us you can head out to a local park and start with these simple drills. If you need a ball we can loan you one of ours. We also have some "homework" for you to complete. Homework: Get out in the back yard or go to a park and practice the week 1,2,3 &4 skills and try to exercise everyday:

Practice kicking with the inside of the foot.

Dribbling: running and controlling the ball.

Passing: dribbling with the ball and passing to another person.

Stepovers: Stepping over the ball with one foot then kicking the ball the other direction to trick the defender.

Half-Volleys: Have someone throw the ball to you in a way it will bounce and kick the ball when it is in the air.

Practice passing.

Do some stretching and exercises each day at home.

As many perfect push-ups as you can(go for form not quantity)

Walk or jog around the block or at a local park.

Parents, if you are seeking to use this class as PE credit, evaluate your students for this week's class. I will need you to evaluate their effort, ability and overall performance. Effort marks are as follows: I-Improving, S- Satisfactory, and H-High. Ability marks are as follows: X-Working Towards, O-Developing and A-Achieving. The overall mark will be as follows: 1-Limited, 2-Developing, 3-Satisfactory, 4-Competent and 5 - Talented. Let me know their scores and I will add them to the week one grading sheet. Our next class is Saturday, November 17th. We practiced this time at Sherwood Park in Paso Robles and that was a very nice location. (Map to Sherwood Park ) We parked along Via Ramona Road and met toward the back entrance on that road.

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