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CCS Student Takes Ukulele 101

Calvary Christian student, Natalie, signed up to take Ukulele 101 with Brian Schwartz. Classes are offered through the City of Paso Robles Parks and Recreation program at Centennial Park.

Natalie's desire to play the ukulele started as a small child when she purchased a very cheap one at a fair. Her first ukulele was dear to her but her siblings also wanted to ‘play‘ it.

Ukulele 101
Natalie with Brian Schwartz

That ukulele didn’t last long but it seemed to spark a lasting interest for Natalie, so when her mother saw the class offered she brought up the idea.

The class was perfect for Natalie and she decided to try it out after a bit of overcoming the uncertainty of trying something new. Kathy and I decided to invest in a decent ukulele for her. The instrument arrived the same time the first class started. It was a bit late but Natalie got to start on this new instrument.

Brian Schwartz is a great teacher. It is obvious that he likes playing and has a desire to share that joy with all of his students. The class is all ages so there are 11 year olds and eighty year olds playing side by side. Brian also handles the diversity of students well.

We have learned that there are ukulele clubs and events we can attend. Overall it has been a great experience and we would recommend trying out the Ukulele.

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