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CCS Joins CCC At Monarch Grove

Monarch Butterfly In Flight At Pismo Beach.
Photo of a Monarch butterfly in flight by Natalie E. (8th grade).

Last week students of Calvary Christian School joined Central Coast Christian Homeschoolers on a outing to the Monarch Grove in Pismo Beach, California. It was a great opportunity to mingle with other homeschooling families and learn. We learned about the Monarch Grove, Monarch butterflies, and practiced a bit of photography. We had a great time and would definitely recommend getting out to see them this winter.

Docent teaching the children how to use the telescope.

Our day at the grove started out with meandering around the grove and stopping to look through the scopes that the docents had set up for viewing the butterflies. There were at least three scopes set up at levels for children and adults. The scopes were preset and looking into them was fantastic. What looked like leaves were actually Monarch butterflies hanging onto the Eucalyptus tree leaves. Sooooooooooo many!

Next we headed to a seating area at the grove, near the gift shop. There another docent was about to start a lesson. The docent lectured on the migration of the butterflies as well as mating, the decline in the butterfly population, and ways we all can help the Monarch butterflies. The docent did an excellent job educating us on all of this and keeping the attention of everyone from the youngest children to the adults.

After the lecture..

...we went back to strolling around the grove. We checked out the gift shop, looked at some more of the educational materials and took fun photos. After the grove we headed to the beach for some family and friends hang out time.

Please check out and support the Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove, everything the public gets to do there is free and so much fun. As homeschoolers we can take advantage of many public services like this and take the classroom outdoors. {CCC (Central Coast Christian Homeschool Group) is a local support group for home schoolers. They are at capacity this year and are not accepting new members however you can contact them to find out about enrolling next year.}

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