Sports Day

As homeschoolers one of the hardest things to get in is physical education(PE).  We are going to try to implement a PE time where the whole family can come and participate. We have done this in the past with families and it worked out well. We hope to refine it a bit and get it going again. Here is the plan.

On the first and third Saturdays* of each month we will meet to practice and play a sport. We will start at 9 AM at a local sports park or an unused school. We will warm up, stretch and exercise for about 15 minutes, then we will talk about and do some practice of a sport for about 45 minutes and after that we will play until 11:30 AM. If any are willing we can also have lunch together after. We will rotate sports quarterly and we will give "homework" so your family can practice at home too. 

*Due to a mistake in reading the calendar September is the 2nd & 4th Saturday.

This will be a family time, no dropping off of children. Come to play, one and all! (Parents that cannot play can help, offer support and cheer on their children.)






Come Out And Play


8:30 am - Junior Giants Baseball @BarneySchwartz

8 SEP-
17 Nov

9:00 am - Sports Day Soccer @TDB

3 Nov-

9:00 am  - Sports Day Ultimate Frisbee @TBD

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Field Trip Groups


As Calvary Christian School grows we plan to have more and more activities for our families to participate in. Currently though there are a few groups that do a wonderful job of organizing outings and we plan to promote and join them this year. We will keep you updated on what is coming. 

Tutoring and Group Classes


There are definitely times when it is a very good thing to have an outside perspective on how best to teach different subjects. We hope to provide some recourses to great tutors. Also sometimes  learning with others is fun and encouraging. There are some great group classes we hope to make available to our families as well.  



Drivers Ed.

By Reinstedt4Films


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The Sky is the Limit


Home education really is unlimited. Unlimited fun, unlimited flexibility and unlimited learning.  The more we learn about the learning styles of people and take apart the standards, the more we see just how awesome education can be. As home educators we are literally paving the way to a new and brighter future for our children and our communities.  Together we can shine a light in this world for Jesus and share the freedom He has blessed us with.  The world needs hope and we have it. Every day as we continue to learn and grow and help others we are changing the world. Be encouraged and bring your ideas up so we all can benefit. You CAN homeschool and we (the Calvary Christian community) can help!

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