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Sports Day-Soccer Week 3

Calvary Christian School dribbled into another sports day soccer PE class October 6th. If you missed it and want to join this post is for you. I will be posting what we worked on each week and post the "homework" that was suggested. Week 3 started with the basics. We did a warm up jog, stretched and did some agility and strengthening drills. Then we did some soccer warm-ups, played "Volcanos & Ice Cream Cones" and worked on half-volleys. After that we played a game for the rest of the time. If you want to catch up on what all we learned here is a list of vocabulary and skills we focused on: Vocabulary

  • Trap - To get control of a ball that is kicked to you. (1)

  • Dribble - To control and move the ball with small touches as you move around.(1)

  • Step Over - Stepping over the ball with one foot then kicking the ball the other direction to trick the defender. (2)

  • Half-Volley - Kicking the ball in the air after it has bounced. (Used to score a goal.) (3)


  • Using the inside of your foot to dribble and pass the ball. (1)

  • Dribbling the ball while running and passing it to another player. Just run in a straight line parallel with another person and kick back and fourth about every 2 meters. We used cones but that is optional. (1)

  • Two ways to control the ball when kicked to you. 1) Trap the ball by using the underside/sole of your foot. 2) Cushion the ball softly with the inside of your foot. We just kicked to each other and tried both ways of stopping the ball. (1)

  • Stepovers standing in one place. (2)

  • Half-Volley, kick the ball in the air after it has bounced. (3)

This week it was just a few of us so we all practiced together. Our ages ranged from 2 years old to 40 years old. We all learned something and had a great time. If you missed this week and want to catch up with us you can head out to a local park and start with these simple drills. If you need a ball we can loan you one of ours. We also have some "homework" for you to complete.

Homework: Get out in the back yard or go to a park and practice the week 1,2 &3 skills and try to exercise everyday:

  1. Practice kicking with the inside of the foot.

  2. Dribbling: running and controlling the ball.

  3. Passing: dribbling with the ball and passing to another person.

  4. Stepovers: Stepping over the ball with one foot then kicking the ball the other direction to trick the defender.

  5. Half-Volleys: Have someone throw the ball to you in a way it will bounce and kick the ball when it is in the air.

  6. Do some stretching and exercises each day at home.

  7. As many perfect push-ups as you can(go for form not quantity)

  8. 25 Crunches

  9. 25 Jumping Jacks

  10. Walk or jog around the block or at a local park.

Parents, if you are seeking to use this class as PE credit, evaluate your students for this week's class. I will need you to evaluate their effort, ability and overall performance. Effort marks are as follows: I-Improving, S- Satisfactory, and H-High. Ability marks are as follows: X-Working Towards, O-Developing and A-Achieving. The overall mark will be as follows: 1-Limited, 2-Developing, 3-Satisfactory, 4-Competent and 5 - Talented. Let me know their scores and I will add them to the week one grading sheet. Our next class is Saturday, October 20th. We practiced this time at Sherwood Park in Paso Robles and that was a very nice location. (Map to Sherwood Park ) We parked along Via Ramona Road and met toward the back entrance on that road.

Please sign up here for next week:

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