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Why Join A PSP?

Why Do I Need A PSP?

Why Join A PSP?

A PSP is here as a covering for your family as your privately home educate. CCS makes you anonymous to the state.

The school carries the responsibility of managing your cum file, and offering opportunities for community. We will provide curriculum counseling, the forms for you to turn in quarterly, accountability, and fellowship with other families that are pursuing the same path as you.

A PSP is a great fit for those new to homeschooling, those that want accountability and coaching, and those that don't want to manage the administrative side to home education.

As you homeschool - community and encouragement will become essential for us all. We are here to grow and foster that in our Christian private homeschooling community.

We are a grass roots group - where each of our gifts are shared to bless one another. For instance, one parent's gift is sports -so they facilitated a 8 week long sport class. Parent's sharing their gifting with one another builds a fun year for all.

Join us today!

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