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Can I Work And Homeschool?

Is Work An Option?

Can I Work And Homeschool?

Definitely. Many homeschooling parents do just this.

Should you choose this route there are some important things to consider:
1 - Your child, young or older, needs your time and attention to facilitate their education. Can your job give you dedicated time to do so? Usually you will need 2-4 hours per school day. Do you want to be able to join school field trips during the weekday daytime hours?
2- Young children often learn best in the morning hours. However, many families get creative with their schedules. You can implement a 4 day school week, school in the evenings, or on the weekends. Do what fits your schedule. That is one of the benefits of homeschooling.
3- Highschoolers can be more independent learners and may have the option to do some courses independently, or online. This is also a great time to team up with other families and do a class together. Writing, and the Sciences are fun opportunities.
4 - All we ask is that you complete your 180 days of instruction during our academic year (July - June). You choose when that will take place.

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