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”A fellowship of believers helping support each other in the home education of our children for Christ’s glory and the good of our neighbors."



Those that choose to pull their children out of the public education system and take on the responsibility of educating their children in today's society have many challenges. We face discrimination, fear, being stereotyped, loneliness, confusion and a reduced sphere of influence by making “the right decision”. We want to do what is best for our children and honor God but find ourselves feeling alone and without a peer group to help ensure us we are on the right course. Many either find themselves joining part time co-ops, charter schools, or just giving up and sending their children back into the system. Help is needed but who do you ask and where do you go? While there are many great state and national organizations that offer help what's really needed is a local group where families can be free to educate their children as God directs them and have the support of the local homeschooling community.

It is the goal of Calvary Christian School to fill this need in San Luis Obispo County. To be: A community of believers helping support each other in the home education of our children for Christ's glory and the good of our neighbors. Calvary Christian School hopes to accomplish this by following the example of Christ according to the word of God.  Most importantly we hope to be a community of believers at peace with each other and functioning as one body with many parts.  Our hope is that each family, husband and wife, will understand that they are important to the school.  With humility and God’s grace we can create the unique home education environment that God has provided us here on the Central Coast.

To accomplish this we will have to live up to the ideas contained in our name:

Calvary: Calvary is the place where true love was revealed. The love of Jesus our Savior, God who condescended and took on human form and subjected Himself to death, even death on the cross. God created us and gave us His instruction and made a way for salvation, then He became that salvation through His death and resurrection so that we could be united to Himself and to each other in Jesus. As believers we see that Jesus brought Himself to our level so He could take us to be with Him.  He did it all because He is love. In the same way we must humble ourselves with each other so that we can be built up as a group. All of us have gifts and abilities that are special, unique and necessary to the whole. Without all the parts working together we all miss out and with only a few parts doing most of the work we become dependent and lazy and everyone suffers. The laborious work of getting a group to function together in God’s peace is the work of the cross on Calvary.  Calvary is how we overcome our individual desires for the unity of Christ's body.  Calvary is where Christ died, but it is also where every believer died to the flesh.  At Calvary we die so that Christ can live in us.

Christian: Christian means “follower of Christ”.  Christ is the Creator, the Instructor, the Judge, the Savior, the Divider and the Uniter.  We have large shoes to fill if we intend to live up to what we call ourselves. Too large for any one human.  In Christ as a group we will seek to be what He wants and to do what He wants. Our group will focus on supporting one another and helping each to see their own individual gifting and facilitating those gifts being used for the group to God’s glory. We will hear the difficulties and concerns of each person and family unit and see how we can help and build each other up. We will look at our Central Coast community and see where our gifts and influence may be needed and work together to meet those needs when able and willing to do so. To be Christian is to be like Christ, if we are like Christ the world around us should see the difference

School: A school is an organization that provides instruction, as a group of scholars and teachers pursue knowledge together.  Calvary Christian School desires to be a place where children and parents pursue knowledge TOGETHER, and never stop.  All of us must assume the role of student and all should be willing to assume the role of instructor. We will not be finished learning until we are in heaven and it is important we are all humble enough to continue to learn and grow in understanding. 

Calvary Christian School is a PSP. PSP stands for, Private School Satellite Programs. A PSP is a private school which has filed an affidavit. When you sign up, you become a teacher (of your own children) in that school. The benefits of a PSP are that we file the state required affidavit each year,  you will have a name for your school, any state issues will be dealt with through the school (rather than the state coming to your home), you will have access to support and guidance through our leadership,  you have a group of students and peers to regularly connect with, and that you are joining a group of people that all have the same purpose available to work together in each others home schooling journey. 

Calvary Christian is also a member of Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and Christian Home Educators Association (CHEA) of California. By being a member of these larger home schooling groups we are able to keep informed of any changes to the laws that effect homeschoolers but we also have a large support network. We encourage all our families to Join HSLDA and CHEA. 

Our Philosophy
A homeschool academic fair.

We believe home education is the rule, not the exception. The move of many believers to take on their God given duty to train up their children is a sign of revival. Home education is a revival in our nation. It is the hearts of the fathers turning to their children and the hearts of children turning toward their fathers. Malachi 4:6


Our History
Calvary Christian School's Old Logo

Calvary Christian School has been serving the home school families on the Central Coast for over 30 years. We have adapted to meet the challenges in the homeschooling community and will continue to do so in the future.